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About Düsseldorf Airport:

With more than 23.5 million passengers in 2016 Düsseldorf Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Germany. The airport is an important hub for some major German airlines like Air Berlin and Eurowings and has domestic, continental and intercontinental destinations. There are two parallel runways at Düsseldorf Airport (23L/05R + 23R/05L). 

About this spot:

The observation deck is a large area on top of Terminal B which offers a great view on the apron and the runways.

How to get there:

First you have to get to terminal B.
If you arrive at the “Flughafen Bahnhof“ (airport station) or at the car parks P4 or P5, you can take the overhead railway called SkyTrain. Leave the SkyTrain at the station “Terminal Gates A,B“. You can also get to the terminal without the SkyTrain. There are some car parks directly at the terminal. There is also a less frequented train station called “Flughafen Terminal“ beneath terminal C. Don’t worry if you arrive at Terminal A or C, all terminals are connected and the way to Terminal B is not too long.
In terminal B there are escalators and an elevator. Here you have to go up.
Follow the signs to the observation deck and take the next escalator/stairs. At the end of the hallway there is the entrance to the observation deck.
Please note: The observation deck is not opened all day. Please have a look at the opening times. You have to buy a ticket and pass a security control. You are allowed to take drinks and tripods with you.


Terminal B - The escalators are located in the background of the picture.


The observation deck is a nearly rectangular area on top of terminal B with the old tower building and some other parts of the airport building in the middle. Around the observation deck there are some protruding parts at the gates which limit the view from some perspectives. The entrance is located at the eastern side.

At the southern side (left hand seen from the entrance) you get a good view on the inner side of terminal A (often used for heavies of Air Berlin, Etihad and Emirates). 


View on terminal A

If you follow the observation deck clockwise, you get a great view on some apron action. 


View on the apron from the southern side

The rear of the observation deck (western side) offers a good view on the taxiways.
The northern side (right hand seen from the entrance) offers a good view on the inner side of Terminal A (mainly used by Star Alliance and Lufthansa Group). 

The best place for filming RWY23L/R departures and arrivals is located aft on the northern side between the gates B03 and B04 (have a look for the yellow sings at the gates).

Here you get a great view on touch-down and rotate, but a part of the building and other people might cover the view on longer takeoffs.


TUIfly Boeing 737-800 taking off from RWY23L.

As there are many gates around the observation deck you can get great footage of ground handling, push-back and other apron action all around the observation deck. 


Close-ups like this are possible from all around the observation deck.


Düsseldorf Airport is very busy and there is a lot of action on the apron. Usual visitors are many narrow and wide bodies, including A350s, A380s and B787s. Check the flight plan for the best days and times for a good traffic.

There are many different shops, restaurants and also lavatories located in the terminal. 

All information efficient March 2017.

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